About Us | Our Specialties

About Us | Our Specialties

Thompson Valley Diesel Injection

We have 25 years experience with diesel mechanic repairs and are passionate about what we do and take pride in all our work. We also do Cab Off required jobs where skill and experience is essential. We have the latest updates and flashes, OEM scan tools and are up to date in the latest technologies in Turbo Chargers, Fuel Injection and Diesel Motors .

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With 25 years experience we do much more than replace parts, we are diesel repair specialist and  we actually have the tools , knowledge, and experience to rebuild parts like fuel injectors and turbo chargers if there is a need to do that. We specialize in anything diesel old or new, we can get the job done for you cost effectively. Quite often with today’s vehicles doing some repairs are more cost effective to take the cab off the vehicle to get to areas in need of repair . Better than the alternative of pulling a motor and transmission.


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