Rev X Diesel Performance Additives

Rev X Diesel Performance Additives

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ultimate rev x Diesel AdditiveTVDI ,Thompson Valley Diesel Injection is proud to provide REV X for diesel car , truck and heavy equipment owners with the latest high performance fuel and oil additives that are an essential part of  regular maintenance and longevity of your diesel engine. Because of the lower quality of diesel fuel available today it is extremely important to treat your diesel vehicle with regular oil and fuel additives that will reduce wear and tear on your diesel engine and save you huge repair bills that would likely en cure if you don’t look after your investment.

REV-X Performance Oil Additive

REV-X Performance Oil Additive is a highly complex formulation containing none of the harmful additives such as Teflon, graphite or moly, and is designed to work with all existing lubricant formulations to reduce friction and thermal temperatures while drastically increasing shock load properties on all stressed internally lubricated components.  High performance anti-oxidant additives, detergent agents and seal softening agents also incorporated into the formulation allow any base fluid to be enhanced into a grade of lubricating fluid that cannot currently be purchased – at any price!

Benefits of using REV-X Performance Oil Additive

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Engine Performance
  • Increased Drain Intervals
  • Reduction In Maintenance Costs
  • Reduction In Heavy Repairs
  • Increased Cold Start Lubrication
  • Reduced Under hood Temperatures

How does it Work?  When first added to any lubricating fluid REV-X Performance Oil Additive will blend with the lubricating fluid to generate a smoother running unit within minutes.  As the treated component (engine, transmission, differential or hydraulic system) runs through heat cycles the additive is absorbed into the pores of the work hardened metal surface that it lubricates.


Come in to TVDI and give your diesel and pocket book the protection it deserves , longevity !

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